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Welcome to the Lunarhythms Yoga site.  This is a practical site that you come back to daily in order to check in with the lunar cycle by clicking on the Lunar Calendar and ultimately check in with yourself through the practice of Hatha Yoga.

Everything is in change, an ebb and flow of seasons, cycles, waves and rhythms at many levels and layers.  How do we manage all these potential storms coming our way?  How do we find that path of least resistance?  Stillness can be a wonderful place to reflect on a course of action.  Each day spend time with yourself, slow down the pace of life as you would a leisurely sunday drive.  You wouldn't drive it at 75 mph or you would miss the subtle details and life would just be a
blurrrrrrrr.  Use the moon's cycle as a place of reflection, to tune into your internal compass and move through your practice with curiosity, patience and yet a daily persistence to know something deeper about YOU.  Take note of what stands out for further digestion.  You may choose to keep a journal by your mat or meditation pillow.  The poses will be repeated week by week but each day that you are in the poses will be new.  Discover what is unique today, right now, in this breath.  As the local poet Danna Faulds would guide you to do, "Go in and in, be the space between two cells".

Stress Reduction Session
via Skype or Face Time
(QiGong, Meditation, Breathing)

You may be on the go, away from home, or just need a quick "check in".  This can easily be done by Contacting Me to receive my Skype of Face Time information.

If you go to my OFFERINGS page you will see what we can accomplish privately or in a local studio/home.  Stress Reduction Techniques, Lectures, Workshops, and short Qi-Gong sessions can easily be arranged.

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